Addressing Concerns

How to address your concerns

There may be occasions when parent and/or player has a concern about some aspect of their football experience. This is normal in a sport with so many facets of play and therefore, it is imperative to have open lines of communications between coaches, parents, and players. Here are some suggestions as to how we can effectively work together:

1) We will have a Mandatory Parent's Meeting prior to the season's first game. Your child's head coach will inform you and your child as to the date of your team's Parent's Meeting. Please arrange your schedule to attend this important meeting! This meeting provides for an open discussion on program philosophy etc. and we welcome your input.

2) Please remember that coaches are unpaid volunteers. They are on the field with the sole desire to help teach your child the game of football and related life lessons. Each coach is required to obtain a minimum certification level, and many have significantly more. Most coaches will devote an average of 15 hrs. per week for 14 to 17 weeks to help your children. Some will spend time seven days a week each week on the football program. They deserve your respect and can always use some encouragement! Volunteering is the most sincere form of encouragement.

3) If you want to speak to a coach, please consider the following:

  • Did you discuss the issue with your player first? Players often understand why coaches have taken a certain position, which may not be obvious to you.
  • Do not to discuss your issue before practice, as this is generally a very distracting time for the coach. After practice is preferable after players are off the field.
  • Please avoid talking to coaches in front of other players.
  • Before and after games is usually not a good time to express your thoughts, as emotions are generally high. Please wait 24 hours to contact your coach to schedule a time to meet with your player and the coach/coaching staff.
  • If you have a concern that the coach has not addressed, take the matter to our Coaching Coordinators or any board member,

4) A "Team Mom" exists to facilitate communication with parents and coaches, and organize volunteers. If you have tried speaking with a coach, or are uncomfortable doing so please contact your Team Mom.

5) Coaches need to know what is happening with every player. Events in a young player's life will often manifest themselves on the field. Problems at home or school can affect play and sometimes your child's ability to effectively interact with his teammates and coaches. Often times we as coaches can help. Through the years we have worked with parents to assist in making sure that, the proper emphasis is placed on academics and that their child is fully aware that scholarly pursuits come before athletics. As an example, many times we have the ability to get their attention by leveraging the playing time.

6) Coaches care about your children! This is an education-based athletic program. It is not motivational, win at all costs program. Our emphasis is on fun and personal development. We sincerely believe that youth football is a tremendous outlet for building self-esteem and learning valuable life skills. The precepts learned in this program can assist your child in being successful in whatever endeavors they choose.