We work very hard to keep our program affordable to all families in our communities. Our participation fees include the use of the primary football equipment a player requires. Players have issued equipment prior to the season commencement and must return that equipment at the end of the season.

Each player will be issued Tackle Football equipment worth over $250.

Each Player is Issued:
* A Schutt DNA Recruit helmet
* Shoulder Pads
* A pair of game pants
* A Game Jersey YOU KEEP

Families Must Provide (Flag Football):
* A colored mouthpiece (not clear or beige)
* Appropriate footwear (molded football spikes)

Families Must Provide (Tackle Football):
* A colored mouthpiece (not clear or beige)
* A Practice Jersey
* A cup for male players
* Appropriate footwear (molded football spikes)
* A pair of practice pants.

We sell mouthpieces at a very affordable price in our concession stand.

We will repair or replace any equipment we provided that breaks during football use.

Proper care of your equipment is important for both safety and to assure that your equipment is ready every time you play. It is your responsibility to periodically inspect all of your equipment before you put it on and tell your coach if it is not in perfect working order. Please inspect your helmet for missing or lose pieces and screws, and your shoulder pads for loose straps and clips. Equipment must be cleaned and returned at the end of the football season. Players not returning their equipment WILL be assessed a replacement fee.

Players must wear a shirt over their shoulder pads. This is an integral part of their protection and keeps shoulder pads in place. Game jerseys and pants will be distributed before the first game.

Game Uniforms, including pants, SHOULD NOT be worn to practice.