Divisions, Ages and Weights

2018 WCFL Tackle Football

WCFL Tackle Football

Ultimate - Ages 6/7 - Maximum Weight - 85 lbs (Older lighter 8 yrs/ 55 lbs)
Prep - Ages 8/9 - Maximum Weight - 110 lbs (Older ligher 10 yrs/ 70 lbs)
Varsity - Ages 10/11 - Maximum Weight - 125 lbs (Older lighter 12 yrs/ 85 lbs)
Pro - Ages 12/13 - Maximum Weight - 145 lbs (Older ligher 14 yrs /110 lbs)
High School Prep - up to 15 years old - Unlimited Weight

League Birthdate by August 1, 2018

*** Please note all Older light players will be manually moved to the correct division to simplify the registration process. So, during registration please indicate whether the player is older lighter and select the correct division by the player's age. The league will move the player to the correct division on the back end.

*** Older lighter players are not permitted to play in All-star competition and possible inter-league play. The WCFL Board reserves the right to review and move players.

League Birthdate by August 1, 2018

In order to receive early bird discount payment must be received by June 10th, 2018.
No refunds will be given after a player is drafted on a team.