2018 WCFL Tackle Super Bowl

WCFL Super Bowl Saturday, November 3, 2018

Scores and Scoring Players Names

Ultimate Dolphins vs Ultimate Patriots

Dolphins 6 Patriots 24

Joziah Ferrer (Pats) - Kick Off return TD and Rushing TD

Zion Jones (Pats) - Rushing TD

Mason Gibson (Pats) - Rushing TD

Karson Schrader (Dolphins) - Rushing TD

Prep Dolphins vs Prep Cowboys

Prep Dolphins 6 Prep Cowboys 13 (OT)

Justice Jones (Cowboys) - Rushing TD in regulation - Rushing TD in OT and extra point

Alfonso Carter (Dolphins) - TD Reception from Gavin Serkin with 25 seconds left in the game

Varsity Dolphins vs Varsity Broncos

Varsity Dolphins 27 Varsity Broncos 6

Nedrick Boldin (Dolphins) - 2 Rushing TD, 1 TD Reception

Jace Coolman (Dolphins) - Rushing TD

Landon Earl (Broncos) - Rushing TD

Pro Steelers vs Pro Dolphins

Pro Steelers 22 Pro Dolphins 15

Ryan Anthony (Steelers) - 3 Rushing TDs

Matt Galardi (Dolphins) - KO Return for TD

Andrew Mack (Dolphins) - Rushing TD

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